Why does executive greed prevail in the US?

I have wrote 1 page from the assignment which i uploaded. You can read it to get an idea of what the topic is and what the arguments are. there are 5 sources that you can find in my university account and you do not have to do any further research. please read them carefully and use them to back up your arguments. this paper is not a summary of the articles i will provide. you can use the articles just to support your own arguments. the readings you can access it through my university website account. I will provide you with my university account and password in order to log in and find all the readings. first, go to carleton.ca then, go to current students, the user name is : farahalhalawani password: Carleton1 then it will take you to a new page, click on CuLearn, and open the course named ( accountability on managment under fall 2017). on the left at the bottom, you will find view course in ares. click on it and it will take you to a new page where you will have to re-enter my password ( Carleton1) then you will find all the readings. i will write the names of the readings so u can easily find them. 1- why does executive greed prevail in the US.. 2- labor’s role in the american corporate governance 3- bad and not so bad arguments … 4- shareholder primacy and the distribution of wealth 5- the origins or nonliberal corporate governance in Germany and Japan. Please let me know if you have any questions or if u have a hard time finding the sources. the English can be very simple, i am just looking for strong arguments.