The Influence of the Self-Regulatory Focus on the Effectiveness of Media Based on Analysis of Perception of the Public on the Issues of North Korea

I would like to order a proposal for my dissertation. I am currently doing my PhD. Therefore, the dissertation is going to be my last process to graduate PhD course. Obviously it is the most important process of my school life.

I am going to attach you a basic draft of dissertation. The writer must read the attachment before he or she is starting the project. After reading it, then the writer extends length of it with additional information, and deep thoughts.

There is no literature review, no analytical methods of research, by how to gather interviewee, vague research questions, no argument, and counter argument. no strong thesis and so on.
The writer has to fix all of these.

Also, please be very careful about designing research procedure, analytical research frame. These are very important categories of dissertation.

Moreover, The writer has to include at least 30 survey questionnaires. These questions must very relevant to the topic, and media news programs that I wrote on the draft.

Lastly, this is already written at my draft; however, because of its importance I am writing it in here again.

This paper is basically about finding:
\” how the audience perceives at media messages, and how changes in attitudes depending on where audience of media focuses on the message.\”
\” To examine the difference between perception and cognition according to audience characteristic and types of media coverage, this study has selected the extensive media coverage on North Korea and war-related issues since early 2017. (Specifically during month of March, April, and July)

Please, please be aware of it.