Technical Assessment Brief and Presentation

The Business Development & Integration (BDI) Department is responsible for establishing strong ties and meaningful dialogue with the business community in order to maximize impact for Expo 2020 Dubai and its legacy. This is achieved by creating and delivering outreach programs and initiatives to engage with the local and international business communities.
The role of Manager, Business Development & Integration is to establish and manage business relationships and develop quality platforms to connect with the different business communities driving long term value for Expo 2020 and the UAE.
The role of the Legacy team is to ensure strong long term impact for the Expo. That is achieved through different lenses the physical legacy, economic, social and reputational.
You have been informed by the Legacy team that a business delegation from Shanghai is visiting the Expo and they have requested your assistance in preparing for this incoming delegation.
The objective of the meeting is for the delegation to get a better understanding of the various business opportunities that Expo 2020 can offer them both during and after the Expo. The delegation includes businesses from various sectors such as education, technology, and transportation.
The candidate is requested to prepare a short presentation (between 6 to 8 slides) on a proposed approach to engage with this business delegation. The presentation should demonstrate his/ her thought process from a business development perspective:
The candidate may be requested to deliver a 20-minute presentation to explain his/ her thought process and approach.