Subject: Criminal Justice

The APA Style mini research essays consist of (Basic Requirements):

a title page, with the student number (not the name of the student) where the students name was supposed to appear;
no abstract needed;
pages numbered;
the body (written part of your own work) is to be between 1000-3000 words
with the required APA format citations listed for at least each paragraph of your paper, but given for any change of idea that belongs to another person; and
finally, a separate reference page in EXACT APA Publication Manual, 6th format.
Five scholarly, peer-reviewed references that are cited in text and in the reference section.
This is required for all five of your exam questions (and rewrites). The answers should not deviate from the topic of the question, and they should be concise and organized. Because the graders are looking for certain concepts to be addressed, the student should write exclusively and exhaustively about only the topic. Each essay assignment may have more than one question. Each question should be answered in detail. Missing questions will result in missing points.