Strategic Planning Visioning Session for The Boys & Girls Club of America

My organization is The Boys & Girls Club of America
Develop a strategic planning visioning session with a government or nonprofit organizations board of directors or executive staff of the Boys & Girls Club of America. Consider how you will collaboration collaborative environment among with all levels of the organization to sustain the vision from executive leadership.
In the role of leader and futurist during this imaginary session, you collaborate with the organizational and community stakeholders to move the organization in a new direction or to stay the current course, depending upon the organizations mission, goals, and the imaginary visioning session. This is a time to envision the future and the potential for creating a viable outlook.
Presentation content: You must address all the following in Reference to the Boys & Girls Club of America. Make headings for each section
Mission: The current organizations mission
o What are the mission, basic philosophy, and core values of the organization?
Stakeholders: Organizational chart with key staff and internal and external stakeholders with titles
o Who are the key staff and internal stakeholders you would involve in this process, and why?
o Who are the external stakeholders that you would involve, and why?
o How will you use strategic and scenario planning to effect strategic change in the organization? Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each planning tool.
Process: Summarize the step-by-step process you will utilize when working with a board of directors or executive staff to conduct scenario planning. This can be a chart or model that you create.
o What types of questions might you ask to develop your framing questions?
o How will you negotiate agreement among key internal, and perhaps external, decision makers about the overall planning effort?
External Environment: Identify the external future environmental influences on your organization within the next 5, 10, and 20 years.
o What are the political, economic, social, cultural, technological, and natural trends or driving forces that may impact your organization? (This slide should include scholarly and professional literature from multiple sources.)
Strategic Goals: Imagine that you have completed a strategic planning and scenario planning process; identify the possible strategic goals of your organization.
o What are two strategic goals the organization would like to accomplish in the next 5 years, and why?
o What are two strategic goals the organization would like to accomplish 10 years from now, and why?
o How do these goals have a positive impact on your community, nation, or region?
Scenarios: Imagine you have completed the scenario planning process. Build one scenario of a possible future for your organization in 20 years that is plausible and robust and that considers unpredictable events.
o Identify at least one alternative scenario to the one created based on your previous analysis of future trends that would be a surprise.
(Use contemporary scholarly and professional resources beyond the references in the course. Use the Walden Library and scholarly peer reviewed information from professional organizations and government agencies for additional information.)
No outside references older than 5 years. I have listed some of the references we had during the course.