Strategic group

Team Roles -The simulation program requires you to form teams and assign roles to team members. A role must be specified for each team member. This assessment is a short report assigning roles, role description. This team is your firm and its employees. If you are doing this assignment individually you need to assume you are the firm and all the roles.

Your specified role involves interdependence within the team. As aspiring business managers your function after each simulation round is to reflect upon and critique decisions that your team has made. This first assessment will require you to negotiate and assign roles as a group and submit a document based on your process and choices. Your choice of role is to be specified from a selection elaborated in the unit assessment block.

it is important that you discuss, document and design tasks that include the following:

meeting attendance
levels of contribution per meeting/task
decision making process and governance
actions to be taken by whom
standard of work completed by each member
Mission and vision of your firm and organisational hierarchy.
The assignment marking criteria and rubric can be found on Moodle in the assessment block