Research proposal for how to measure successful in leadership

This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to develop a research proposal based on the characteristics and/or constructs that you view as having been successful in leadership in the tourism and hospitality industry and then propose how to measure them. The research proposal paper will be a of a conceptual nature proposing the research needed on how to measure the characteristics that you feel are needed for a leader based on what you have identified produces successful leadership. Ultimately, you will develop a method of measurement or a model to determine whether an individual has the characteristics to make him/her a future service leader in the mold of the successful leaders whom you admire. Once you have defined constructs relevant to the characteristics that you have identified, the next step is to determine how they will be measured. Any constructs that you uncover from the scholarly literature will generally have well defined and established measurements in the form of scales (questions) that could be asked to determine the level of the characteristic that an individual possesses. Some constructs may not have been applied directly to the hotel and tourism industry and in such cases you may need to adapt them. Other constructs that you identify may not have been researched previously. In such cases you may need to develop your own measurements. The paper should address the following key points: The characteristics that you believe make a successful leader, based on your past experience and drawing upon as examples of admired leaders from the hospitality and tourism industry. Definitions of the constructs that represent the characteristics (literature review). You will need to identify 4-5 constructs. Measurement of the constructs (this will require an additional table with the scales and their measurement items) Any ramifications for measuring, identifying and training future leaders Finally, you need to propose the methodology of how the research would be done.