Project Management Organisation and Systems: Critical Analysis of Risk in projects

Provide a critical analysis of risk in projects.
Identify and discuss several important factors that need to be considered by project managers, IN RESPECT OF RISK (quote case studies).

You should provide a critique of these factors, utilising examples from practice to support your account.
You should also state how the global environment (how it impacts risk) informs professional practice, in terms of these factors- so how environment of organisation would/may affect risk or the way you apply risk.

Further Assignment Guidance:

-You can avoid the excessive use of descriptive text in order to allow sufficient space for more analytical work

Grading Criteria

To get a First:

Critical Discussion displays a competent and a very good understanding of the theory and conceptual frameworks. Good use of empirical evidence to assess the theories and conceptual frameworks. The evidence is well integrated with the theory , and cogent arguments are presented.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.

-Evaluate and critically reflect alternative organisational and systamatic approaches to delivering project outcomes
-Critically evaluate the application of organisational and systems theoretical approaches in a project management context
(Word count does not include references)