Monitoring fetal heart rate during labour

Topic of Paper Monitoring the fetal heart rate is an essential part of nursing care during the first stage of labour. Many Canadian and US hospitals use a process known as continuous fetal heart monitoring for all labouring women, regardless of risk factors. Many clinical experts and researchers now believe that this form of fetal heart monitoring is unnecessary and recommend intermittent auscultation. Elements of paper: Introduce the topic. Why is the topic important to nurses? Be sure to include a thesis statement that details the purpose of the paper. Describe the two research studies (choosing use of Continuous fetal heart monitoring and Intermittent Auscultation). What is the study design, propose and main findings? Compare and contrast the two studies. How are they different or similar? Describe one strength and one limitations of each study. Describe how would you apply the findings from the research studies to your nursing practice? Conclude your paper. Format of Paper: APA 6th edition Double spaced, 8 pages does not include title page, and reference page. This paper should include a minimum five current references (within last five years), peer reviewed sources. Two of these citations must be research article. These articles can be qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods design. Systemic reviews, editorials, critical analysis articles not considered as research articles.