Marketing management



– INTRODUCTION (1PAGE, including company background, company competition, company customers, company value and services and company markets)

– ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS which includes MACRO (PESTLE), MICRO (5 Forces), INTERNAL (7S Mc Kinsey Model) and SWOT

– OBJECTIVES (one NEW objective set by the group using the SMART model The objective can also be related to one of the quadrants of Ansoff Matrix)



– OTHER STRATEGIC ASPECTS This OPTIONAL chapter is option al and it can include other models such as Porters three generic strategic approach and others




Additional comments

The PESTLE model should be focused both on the sector and the global scenario. For the micro environment you should clearly identify the different actors (buyers, suppliers of substitutes, suppliers, competitors, new entrants) in a very specific way, providing with factors affecting each force.

In the SWOT analysis the strengths and weaknesses are related to the company and should be thoroughly explained. The opportunities and threats are related to the sector.

One new objective should be set by the groups using the SMART model and taking into consideration the information obtained for the environmental analysis.The objective must clearly justified using the SMART model.

In relation to segmentation, targeting and positioning, several points must be highlighted.. Segmentation should clearly identify the segmentation criteria used by the company according to the objectives set by your own group.

Targeting should include targeting strategy (differentiated, undifferentiated, etc.) used by this organisation. Lastly, positioning should clearly explain the main aspects for differentiation (quality, price, etc.) used by this organisation.

In relation to point d) the marketing mix, the 7 ps model should be used. Every variable, when possible, should be broken down into subvariables (for example, promotion can be subdivided into sales promotions, public relations, etc.). Specific examples of each variable related to the company must be included.

All chapters, headings and subheadings of the report must be numbered. All pages of the report must be numbered. Appendices and bibliography are not taken into account for the word count.

There should be cross referencing between the chapters of the main parts of the assignment and its appendices. For example, in each chapter you could include information such as \”More information can be found in the appendix….\” This means that in the chapter you should include the essential information about the models used and in the appendices you should include detailed information

References should be included all over the assignment when necessary. Third person should be used all over the assignment (\”It can be concluded…\”) instead of first person \”I can conclude…\”)