Markel, Michael (2015 – 11th edition). Technical CommunicationBedford/St.Martins

Markel, Michael (2015 – 11th edition). Technical CommunicationBedford/St.Martins.

Focus on Company Ethics: Markel, Chapter 2, pp. 19-23

1) Identify Velazquez\’s four standards for assessing ethical quality (refer to Markel, Chapter 2, p. 19-20).

2) Identify a company you would like to work for in the future. On the company\’s website, search for pages that address issues of consumer rights, fairness to employees, usefulness to the surrounding communities, and care for product/service quality and the environment. Which policies and programs does the company have to address each of these areas?

3) Write a memo assessing the company\’s performance in each of the four ethical areas, providing evidence for each of your points from the company website and other sources. (Make sure to identify your sources in the memo). Your conclusion should explain which aspects of the company\’s ethical commitments and policies make you want to work for the company.