Leadership research

Complete a report demonstrating leader effectiveness in addressing issues such as social responsibility, ethics, workplace diversity, organizational culture, etc. Review the leaders strategies for effective leadership within the context of his/her environment. Discuss relevant leadership theories and models the leader demonstrates, and address areas of this leaders approach to leadership where you agree AND where you disagree. For areas of disagreement, discuss the leadership theories/models that you believe might have been more appropriate (i.e., what you might have done differently). External research from relevant scholarly journals is expected. YOU MAY PICK ANY LEADERS OF YOUR CHOICE BUT BE ABOLUTELY SURE THERE IS ENOUGH INFORMATION AVAILABE ON THAT LEADER TO ANSWER ALL OF THE PAPER REQUIREMENTS. The structure of your report should address the following: 1.Background: brief background of your leader. 2.Followers and situation: brief description of the followers and the situational context. 3.Contextual and Operational Leadership: discuss an example of the leader\’s behavior/style in addressing a contextual leadership dimension and an example of the leader\’s operational initiative within the organization. 4.Motivational approach: Include discussion of the leaders approach to motivation. 5.Theories/models: relate the leadership behavior to theories/models; address the appropriateness of the theories/models given the followers and the situation. 6.Social Responsibility / Ethics: How does this leader consider the impact of decisions on all constituents and how are the short range and long range organizational impacts balanced with these outcomes. Discuss any ethical dilemma the leader may have faced and how it was handled. 7.Analysis: discuss areas where you agree and disagree with the leaders approach in addressing the followers and the situation. What approach you would take regarding the followers and the situation. 8.Lessons learned: What did you learn about leadership from this leaders example? The written paper will count for 90% of the grade and the brief oral presentation will count for 10%. Should the be over 20 students, we will not do oral presentations but have a general class discussion. The written paper must be in a standardized format, e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago Style, or as directed by the instructor with a length of about 7 pages and include a cover page, table of contents (using appropriate word processing table of contents software technology) and a bibliography. I use the above outline as a rubric. Students missing any parts of the outline can expect that to be reflected in the grade for the assignment!