[J]Youth work


Please find attached Youth Work – Fieldwork/Essay brief.
If there is need for clarification do not hesitate to let me know.
Brief – Part 1
* Mission of the setting
*Describe the activities
*One National/Government Policy- that applies to this setting: Commitment to quality practice, All Ireland Standard for Youth Work.
*Learning goals and outcomes – Practice standard, what you want to achieve while on fieldwork, Reflective practice(Kolb’s).

Brief Part 2 (800 words)
* Linking theory to Practice
– Profile of the community where Swan Youth Service is established.(Disadvantage area, uneployment, Drug issues , crime etc..)
Pick 3 Theory that will help to inform your thinking,and how it will be helpful for your practice:Theory that may be applicable to this setting: Pro social model, Solution focus, Tuckman, Disadvantage Theory, Kolb’s, Concept of Empower, Inequality, Social class etc. (250 words for each theory).