Introduction to Human Resource

You are responsible for ensuring you understand the policy and regulations about academic misconduct. You must:
Make sure all sentences or passages quoted from other peoples work in this assignment (with or without trivial changes) are in quotation marks, and are specifically acknowledged by reference to the author, work and page.Recommended Structure
This is the introduction to the entire assignment as a whole and not a particular task. It should introduce the purpose of the report and what it intends to cover. (125 words)
Main Body
This is where all the tasks should be discussed. Please do not copy and paste the questions for each task. Below is a suggestion of possible headings for the tasks. However, feel free to use any other headings you deem appropriate:
HRM and the HR function
This heading should cover task 1 (250 words) HR Planning
This heading should cover task 2 (450 words) Training and Development
This heading should cover task 3 (350 words) Change Management
This heading should cover task 4 (500 words) Employment Legislation
This heading should cover task 5 (400 words) Globalisation
This heading should cover task 6 (300 words)
This conclusion should be a summary of your recommendations (What you will do to improve the existing situation at the organisation based on your analysis of the topics covered within the tasks). Your recommendations should contain issues, solutions, benefits and the potential acceptability, or otherwise, of your proposals (125 words)
Total Word Count: 2500 Words End of can be less than 2500 wordsAssignment Brief