Interprofessional Collaboration

Write a 56-page analysis of the advantages and limitations of interprofessional collaboration, and provide strategies for working effectively as part of an interprofessional team and for introducing the concept of interprofessional collaboration to a health care organization where it is not practiced. Describe characteristics of highly effective interprofessional teams. Explain strategies for working effectively within an interprofessional team. Explain strategies for effective communication and conflict management in interprofessional teams Analyze ethical considerations as a result of interprofessional collaboration. Describe strategies health care management professionals can use to integrate interprofessional collaboration into an organization. Suggested Resources Taplin, S. H., Foster, M. K., & Shortell, S. M. (2013). Organizational leadership for building effective health care teams. Annals of Family Medicine, 11(3), 279281. Kepros, J. P., & Opreanu, R. C. (2009). A new model for health care delivery. BMC Health Services Research, 9, 15. Soubhi, H., Rege Colet, N., Gilbert, J. H. V., Lebel, P., Thivierge, R. L., Hudon, C., & Fortin, M. (2009). Interprofessional learning in the trenches: Fostering collective capability. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 23(1), 5257. Brown, J., Lewis, L., Ellis, K., Stewart, M., Freeman, T. R., & Kasperski, M. J. (2011). Conflict on interprofessional primary health care teams – can it be resolved? Journal of Interprofessional Care, 25(1), 410. Ewashen, C., McInnis-Perry, G., & Murphy, N. (2013). Interprofessional collaboration-in-practice: The contested place of ethics. Nursing Ethics, 20(3), 325335. Engel, J., & Prentice, D. (2013). The ethics of interprofessional collaboration. Nursing Ethics, 20(4), 426435. Assessment Instructions Research the topic of interprofessional collaboration in health care. You may use information you find on professional Web sites, but you must also include recent articles from peer-reviewed journals. For this assessment, analyze the advantages and limitations of interprofessional, or interdisciplinary, collaboration by completing the following: Explain the benefits of interprofessional collaboration for: The staff members of the interprofessional team. The patient. The health care organization. Describe the characteristics of a highly effective interprofessional team. What characteristics are desirable in the team members? Explain strategies for working effectively in an interprofessional team. Include an examination of best practices for communication, the most common types of conflict that are likely to occur, and best practices for conflict management. Analyze possible ethical considerations that might need to be addressed. Describe strategies for a health care management professional to introduce the concept of interprofessional collaboration in an organization where it is not currently practiced. Use the resources you located to support your analyses and strategies. Your paper must be 56 pages in length, excluding the title page and reference page. Additional Requirements Include a title page and reference page. Use at least three current peer-reviewed or professional resources. Follow APA format. Use 12 pt., Times New Roman font. Double-space.