International Relations

Write a concise essay agreeing or disagreeing with the following: Topic
Only American hegemony can bring order and peace to the contemporary international system. For the foreseeable future, only American leadership unconstrained by international institutions and international rules can keep us from sliding into another world war.
A caveat
Your essay will not be graded on whether you take the correct stand, but on your skill in developing an argument to support your stance and in using the materials covered in the course to support your argument.
The prompt is making a statement about the present, but often political scientists must look to the evidence of the past in order to identify alternatives to the current international order and to substantiate claims about the consequences of different orders.

Essay are two parts : 5 pages essay and one page outline
I attached instruction same as above. also reference should be from reading list and lecture slides.
Please read instruction carefully. and lecture slide also attached.