Identify the key messages about Google as an organisation and as an employer.

Task Description
This report task is based on \”Google\’s recruitment video\” available at

Your report should (a) identify the key messages about Google as an organisation and as an employer, (b) incorporate HRM theory and literature to assess how effective the video is in attracting the right candidates, and (c) highlight the challenges organisations such as Google would face in their recruitment process.

Your report should draw on relevant themes from the first three weeks of the unit, and use at least five (5) references from relevant peer reviewed academic journals.

Length: Approximately 1500 words (excluding reference list)

Assessment Criteria
Research (10%) – A thorough knowledge of the relevant material demonstrated through use of an appropriate body of quality sources (including at least 5 references from relevant academic peer reviewed journal articles).

Analysis (10%) – Identification of the issues, critical analysis, and clear argument supported by evidence.

Application of theory/literature (10%) – Application and/or integration of relevant theory and literature in the discussion to address the all three parts of the assessment task.

Presentation (5%) – Logical structure including clear introduction, appropriate paragraph separation or sub sections, and conclusion (2%); correct referencing of sources (1%); clear and concise written communication, including grammar (1%); within word limit (1%).