[HT] Advertising Consumerism and Material Culture in Twentieth-Century America

Number of pages: 15 pages, double-spaced, 12pt. Use footnotes where you paraphrase or quote from any source. Choose: any building: like a store, theater, lobby, hotel, etc., Describe: the ways in which advertising is part of it. Try to relate the building and its advertising (like the signage, posters or banners) to the type of lighting used, materials of its construction, and location and display strategies to issues. -Perhaps the building is located in a place that is marked off psychologically as elite or upper classand not accessible to everyonealluding to ethnic, economic or racial exclusion and ultimately not democratic. -Perhaps it seeks to bring in street traffic through its open window design or discourage it by darkness. Please use the files attached to bolster our argument for how the building itself is a form of advertising related to whatever it is offering for sale. Objective: is to apply any of the ideas, concepts, or cultural history of advertising so far covered to an analysis of the buildings interior and exterior (if relevant). (We don\’t need to relate the building and/or advertising to all of the topics, just to what makes sense for the building you\’ve chosen) Gender, race, new technologies (e.g. plate glass windows, neon lighting) are some of the ways used as a cultural force. Think, for example, of a store like Victorias Secret and its use of pink, or the Nike store or Prada. But best is to come up with something that is original and an idea from you. Most important is to pick a building that you\’ve been to or seen already. You cannot do this virtually. You have to pick something that you have been to or actually seen in person.