How do you view your managerial strengths and weaknesses?

This assessment has two parts:
1. The first is The Competing Values Competency Questionnaire which is a tool to help you assess your development as a managerial leader with respect to the four quadrants of the competing values framework. This questionnaire consists of 100 questions related to skills that managerial leaders need to meet the challenges of complexity, ambiguity, and paradox that characterise the world today.

2. The second part requires you to reflect on the people, institutions and events that have shaped your values. Your values are the things that are important to you and assist when making decisions both in your personal life and professional life.
The aim of Assignment 1 is for you to appraise your own management competencies through assessing yourself against the qualities which Quinn et al. (2011) outline as those of a successful manager.
An effective manager is aware of where their abilities lie and this awareness allows them to capitalise their strengths and develop strategies to deal with their deficiencies. To get the most out of this assignment, you should be honest with yourself. This may cause some uncomfortable feelings!
Acknowledging our weaknesses can be difficult unless we realise that it helps us to achieve our goals. In this assignment you are asked to take a good look at yourself, at your current stage of life, what/who has contributed to who you are, and where you are heading.
1. The Competing Values Competency Questionnaire (approx 6 pages)

Complete the questionnaire and then follow the instructions to calculate your mean scores for each values competency.

Reflect on your scores for each of the competing values (collaborate, create, control and compete) and associated managerial competencies, e.g. for Collaborate it is creating and sustaining commitment and cohesion with five associated behaviours/skills (e.g. understanding self and others, communicating honestly and effectively).

Discuss how you perceive yourself in relation to the competencies under each value. Make mention of at least two to three behaviours/skills for each value competency.

How do you view your managerial strengths and weaknesses?

Where do you strongly agree or disagree with the outcomes from the Competing Values Competency Questionnaire?

In your discussion provide examples from your professional and/or personal life to support your views.

From the 20 behaviours/skills (there are five listed in each of the four quadrants), identify your top three scoring behaviours/skills (i.e. your strengths) and the three lowest scoring (i.e. your weaknesses).

Identify two of your weaknesses and state ways you can overcome them.

State what methods/ programs you will use, how long before you master your weaknesses and how you will know that you have succeeded.

Remember to identify clear and achievable strategies to improve your area of weakness.

2. Identifying what/who has influenced your management values (2-3 pages). Values are acquired by consciously choosing the value after collecting data from media, friends, family, life experiences etc OR by unconsciously absorbing the value.
Eight influences that may affect the development of a persons values are: education, family, science, media, culture, society, religion and business. Think about each of the influences.

Explain the role each influence has had on developing your values in relation to managing your life and management in general (how you make decisions, identify what is important in your life, provide a standard that guides comparisons, evaluations, decisions and actions, your attitudes towards behaviour of yourself and others). Refer to the definitions of values in your text to guide your response. Avoid making broad and general statements like Media has not influenced my values. Explain your assertions and, where possible, give examples from your personal and/or professional life to support them.