Franklin Fan Company – MRP and MRP Explosion

1. Read the attached case study \”Franklin Fan MRP\” and all materials/tables attached for reference.

2. Complete the Critical Thinking Form

3. Complete the MRP Explosion Spreadsheet

4. Write a detailed one-page analysis incorporating the following:
Business Brief header – The first half of opening paragraph is to provide a synopsis of the current MRP system. The second half of the opening paragraph is state the problem (From Step 1 of the model).
Analysis header The analytical section should be based on your personal assessment of the information you obtained from Steps 2 and 3 of the model. Provide only key relevant information and logical discussion in support of your findings.
Conclusion header – This section should state your recommendation based on your analysis of the case information and situation outcome. (From Step 4 of the model). Your recommendation should be supported by your analysis section.