Explain how to critically review an article.

How you will guarantee me there is no plagiarism? Critical review for: Protest Begets Progress, Probably: Human Development Report 2013 by Jan Nederveen Pieterse (Pieterse, J. N. (2014). \’Protest begets progress, probably: Human Development Report 2013\’. Development and Change, 45(5), 1205-1218.). Word Limit: 2200 Citation: The Harvard system for references I tried to upload it but it says the filename is too long!! Assignments should be word processed: 12pt font size, with 1.5 or double line spacing, Font: Calibri Your critical review should: Identify the key points made by the author in the article of your choice Develop a well-informed, critical assessment of the article in question, including the quality of the evidence used to support the author\’s arguments Demonstrate familiarity with other literature of relevance- and use this to help with your analysis Be clearly structured and presented in essay format (as a continuous piece of writing divided into sections) Please also take note of the following important information: You must include a word count on your cover sheet. Your word count total excludes the reference list at the end. You should use the Harvard system for references. You should avoid footnotes. Any footnotes are included in the total word count.