Explain Community and Regional Development

Which committees and subcommittees of Congress have jurisdiction over the spending in your budget function? For purposes of this question, jurisdiction includes, where it applies, both authorizing and
appropriating committees, and both the House and the Senate.

To answer this question, follow two steps, one for House committees and one for Senate committees.

1. For House committees, use the document in this weeks folder titled Rules of the 115th Congress. Within this document, rule X details the jurisdictions of all House Committees.
2. For Senate committees, click on
https://rules.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=RuleXXV, where the Senate Rules and Administration Committee has provided
the Senate equivalent (Rule XXV).

Within these documents, look in the logical places, but dont confine your search to a single committee that would seem to include some or all of the funding associated with your budget function. Furthermore, do not assume that all of the spending within your budget function lies within the jurisdiction of a single committee or subcommittee, for either authorizing or appropriating purposes.

The House and Senate Appropriations Committees (HAC and SAC) are special cases, i.e., you need to look at their subcommittees if your budget function includes appropriated (discretionary) spending. The
rules you examined above do not address subcommittees. However, you can find the jurisdictions of the subcommittees of the HAC and SAC easily. At the website for the SAC (https://appropriations.senate.gov/), notice the heading for SUBCOMMITTEES. Click on the subcommittees that appear to be relevant to your budget function. Each subcommittee webpage has a link below the names of the chairman and ranking
member titled Jurisdiction. Use the same approach to review the subcommittees of the HAC (https://appropriations.house.gov/). Subcommittees are listed in the middle of the banner. Once you click
on a link to a subcommittee, look to the right, under the name of the subcommittee, and you will see a link to Jurisdiction.

Your responses to all parts of R&W assignment #2 should not be longer than two typed, single-spaced pages, excluding any charts or tables.