Explain advanced Microeconomics of Banking.

deepened analysis of methodology and calculations. very important following EXACTLY the guidelines. I need a very good expert on that
Please also provide the article you are going to choose and write the critical paper. Thank you.
Please provide me with an innovative and interesting article based on the subject “Advanced Microeconomics of Banking”. Thank you

VERY IMPORTANT: According to updated guidelines of the supervisor, he delivered the paper on which you should write your critical essay taking into account the attached guidelines I send you in pdf file. You must also write a proposition (logical proof), NOT a proposal. Also, must prove the mathematical calculations if you want to extend these calculations from other papers – skillful but not complicated calculs. Please read the 2 files attached and tell me if you are able to do this overall. Thank you!
NB: I would like also to note, since mathematical proof is needed, maybe it would be required having a strong mathematician with advanced microeconomics knowledge in banking.