Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Referral Assessment 1: Entrepreneurial self-analysis
Weighting: 25%
Guideline length: maximum 2000 words
Mode of activity: Individual
This is a reflective self-analysis. Its aim is to get you to use the academic skills learned at Business School 1 to help you assess whether you have the character traits and other characteristics of an entrepreneur and to reflect on the implications of this.
1 Complete the GET test on: https://www.Get2Test.net/. Explain the meaning of the results (see chapter 2). A copy of your test results must be submitted with your report.
2 Provide evidence that supports (or contradicts) these results. For example:
a. Other psychometric tests such as the AULIVE creativity test on: www.TestMyCreativity.com. Please acknowledge the use of any test results that have been submitted on other MBA assessments.
b. Examples of your actions and behaviours over your life and business career.
3 Give a brief account of the antecedent influences on your character traits such as education, family background, work experience etc., linking specific influences with specific traits wherever possible
4 Reflect on and provide conclusions about your character traits and the implications for your career aspirations.