Elaborate Improving exiting WiFi structure with Cisco Umbrella.

Our project is about improving Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) exiting WiFi structure by implementing Cisco Umbrella which will improve both guest and staff experience when connecting to RTA WiFi. I attached 3 files, Template which you will use to write on it and have explanation about what to write. Second is the assignment requirements it have rubric at the end of the document. The third document is link for both RTA and Cisco Umbrella website. You will only need to write about our proposed system which is Cisco umbrella, i attached link to it but you can find other resources about it. The main focus is the output of the project when Cisco Umbrella will be implemented. It is important to include diagrams and pictures of Cisco Umbrella showing the output, please do not forget about it. include diagram and pictures as much you can on each section.