Discuss what label had been applied, and what the implications of this labelling are.y

The purpose of this task is to demonstrate your understanding of the difference between a \’norm\’ and a \’value\’, and your understanding of how labelling occurs once it has been determined that someone has broken a norm or value.

You will choose to analyse either social media or traditional media, and write a 1500-word critical analysis examining how and why the norm or value has been broken. As part of your analysis, you should focus on two labels you identified in the media, discuss how prevalent they are, and the impact they have on society.

You will be evaluating and applying the sociological perspective, to identify and differentiate major theoretical perspectives that explain deviance.
As a result, you will define and use of range of concepts to see how social processes and structures respond to deviance.
Note: This assessment should be written like an essay structure
Assessment details
1. Choose from one of the two following types of media:
o Social media: Look at a Facebook, Google+ or other forms of social media for people discussing or judging acts which breach norms or values. You may find people discussing or complaining about other users breaking social norms or values.
o Traditional media: Look at news or current affairs media items which show evidence of, or discusses the breaking of values or norms.

2. Find two examples from the media type you have chosen. Select examples that are varied in the norm or value they highlight.

3. Write your analysis:
o Identify and explain what the norm or value is, and explain why the media item is suggesting that it has been broken.
o Discuss what label had been applied, and what the implications of this labelling are.
o Is the breaking of norms or values being highlighted to attract a labelling process? That is, does it allow someone in a powerful position the ability to identify an action that they want to highlight by drawing society\’s attention to it by placing it in a category that draws attention to the action?

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