discuss What exposures have you had to the field?

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 introduce us to the need to really understand our world view in order to help others. Often this means identifying those issues which we feel confident we can help with but also those issues that may cause us some disequilibrium. This assignment is to explore how to acculturate to the profession, its ethical traditions and where you are coming from. To help accomplish this goal, this short paper (4-5 pages) will be an ethics autobiography) in which you explore the aspects of your background that might make it easier or harder to acculturate into the helping profession. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to understand and communicate your value system with an emphasis on how these values are likely to impact counseling. Some of the specific questions can address: What exposures have you had to the field? What is your idea of right and wrong professional behavior? Where does your conception of right and wrong professional behavior come from? What aspects of the field are most compatible with who you are as a person, and which aspects are least compatible? What aspects of your chosen profession strike you as not intuitive? You should make use of the readings, but much of the paper will be on exploring what you bring to the profession. It is important to know that you do NOT need to self-disclose personal information that you dont want to. Follow APA cover sheet and reference page styling for full credit.