Discuss the relationship between Sarty and his father.

TopicSummary-Response Topic Barn Burning One of the central conflicts in this story revolves around the relationship between Sarty and his father. Sarty’s father has a habit of burning down barns belonging to his landlords. He wants Sarty to lie for him in court. Sarty knows that what his father is asking him to do is wrong, but he feels he must be loyal to his family even though this goes against his own values. Have you ever been in a situation like this where you had to choose between betraying someone you cared about and being true to yourself? What did you choose? Why? For this essay, you will begin by summarizing the story making sure you discuss the choice that Sarty made and why he made this choice. In the second part of the essay, you will discuss the time when you had to make such a choice drawing parallels between your conflict and Sarty’s conflict.Template for the Summary-Response EssayIntroduction: Introduce the short story by providing the title of the fiction and the author\’s name—with perhaps a small amount of information about the author.State the thesis of the essay, including the summary and response: For example, you might state the following thesis: Sarty in “Barn Burning” displays the typical qualities of a young man growing up in the post-Civil War South, which are similar to some of the aspects of my own upbringing.Write the Summary point by point.Write the Response point by point.Conclusion: End the essay by making a final statement about the author and your response to his/her short fiction.I. IntroductionII. Summary2 or 3 paragraphs.Remember you are only summarizing the main points in the story that will connect with your response.A. Main Point 1B. Main Point 2C. Main Point 3III. Response2 or 3 paragraphs.A. Respond to the main points by agreeing or disagreeing in connection to your own life. For example, if you summarized two main points about Sarty’s young life, you would then connect to similar events in your own life and how both the character and you experienced similar events.IV. ConclusionDon’t forget to include the following essay elements:• Include ample evidence (explanation based on your reading and experience) to support your response.• Provide appropriate transitions from one point to the next.• Include adequate explanation to distinguish the author\’s points from yours.• Include an adequate summary by including the most important point the author makes.• Provide a correct MLA citation for any author quotations from the short story.