Discuss the portrayal of the British royal family in Tabloids and broadsheets

The topic is about the portrayal of the British royal family and how the media represented by the tabloids and broadsheets. In other words, what I am trying to clear is the domination of the media over the common people and how tabloids and broadsheets are so powerful in which they actually dominate the audience. Therefore, I need a title, an overview of the research, the positioning of the research, design and methodology section and finally the references. Having in account that the data for this research proposal should be comprised of sixteen headlines and sixteen articles: recent tabloid articles such as People and Hello Magazine and recent broadsheet articles such as The Telegraph, The New York Times and The Guardian. Therefor you can choose this online news as they are the most known broadsheets and tabloids in the UK and the US, thus representing the overall British and American ideological view towards the Royal Family. Another important note is examining some crucial factors in the articles and their headlines such as 1. Naming Choices 2. Lexical Choices 3. Overcompleteness