Discuss the factors that have constrained Japanese globalization

1. Are Japanese Firms able to Globalise? (400 words)
A. Discuss the factors that have constrained Japanese globalization
B. Analyse why it is necessary for Japanese firms to take the globalisation initiative seriously
C. Discuss how Japanese firms could globalise

2. Should Google Operate in China?(400 words)
A. Discuss the operations of local and foreign Internet companies in China
B. Explain the concept of self-censorship that Internet companies are expected to apply
C. Critically analyse the catch-22 situation faced by Googleby continuing to operate in China it would be perceived as supporting the violation of human rights and by pulling out it would deny Chinese people access to its services
D. Discuss why eventually Google closed shop and relocated its servers to Hong Kong

3. Women in International Management(400 words)
A. Discuss factors that explain the low level of participation by women in International Management
B. Provide reasons why women should be more involved in management
C. Critically discuss the factors that would make female managers succeed in Asia

4. Corporate Leadership: Relocation of a Business-Unit HQ to Asia (400 words)
A. Discuss the reasons for the establishment of RHQs
B. Explain the criteria for the location of RHQs
C. Analyse reasons why MNCs set up divisional HQs in foreign countries
D. Discuss incentives given by the governments of Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai to attract MNCs

5. Huawei and Haier, two powerful multinational Chinese companies (400 words)
A. Discuss the international operations of Huawei and Haier
B. Explain the pathways followed by Huawei and Haier in acquiring world class technologies
C. Analyse the role of alliances, acquisitions and reorganisations of R&D activities in the process of developing technologies for emerging market multinationals