Discuss Taylor\’s \’Scientific Management\’

Setting the Scene:
Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856 – 1915) was an American efficiency expert who in 1911 wrote the extremely influential book, The Principles of Scientific Management. Taylor\’s \’Scientific Management\’ had a revolutionary effect on manufacturing in the post-industrial revolution 20th century, and famously influenced the thinking of some of the most prominent business leaders of the period, including Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company.

Research Essay Question:
As technological advances and artificial intelligence play an increasingly prominent role in modern organisations, is Taylor\’s Scientific Management more or less relevant today and into the future than it was in the 20th century? Your answer to this question should be based on your research and should be supported by relevant examples.

essay must use at least 5 separate sources (ideally more), and at least 3 of your minimum 5 sources must be academic (i.e. peer reviewed) in nature. These academic sources are likely to provide you with what you need for the theoretical components of your essay. You can refer to non-academic sources for organisational examples to support your argument.