Discuss Marcovaldo

– you will be reading Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino, you will need to read the whole book and write a reading report.
-it should be an 1100 word report, note that TURNITIN will detect any content that you have copied from other sources, so make sure that you appropriately reference everything and you will need to avoid high similarity.
-it needs to shows an understanding of the relation between semiotic and the reading material(try to write the report in a semiotical perspective and discuss it with the theories of Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Sanders Peirce)
– it needs to show your own critical perspective (supported by well-grounded and
researched arguments, not simply based on opinion).
There should be at least 4 proper references for your report (Chicago style ), and they need to be related to semiotic theories or supporting your perspective.
-Identification of the authors central argument
-Identification of the authors perspective, point of view, or purpose
-Evaluation and provision of a critical commentary on its contents
-Acceptable tertiary level in the use of grammar, syntax and language skills.