Discuss diglossia in Arabic and its relation to gender differences in the world of twitter

A sizeable part of the essay will be the literature review, in the sense that you will be introducing the feature youve chosen and synthesizing previous studies on it. But I also expect you to discuss other research which is relevant to the angle youve selected and demonstrate insight into what they might mean together for your own project. Make sure that the studies you choose to look at are predominantly related to sociolinguistics!
Below Ive included an outline for a more extensive project because the project youre doing is smaller youll need to modify it accordingly. Ive put the bits I especially expect to see covered in bold (but again it depends on the project).
Outline for the paper
1. Introduction
1.1 The (socio)linguistic issues
1.2 The data and its relevance to 1.1
2. Data and method
2.1 Data
2.1.1 Description of the corpus ((DETAILS))
2.1.2 Sample design with justification ((WHY EXPLAIN))
2.2 Circumscribing the variable context
2.2.1 Introduce your linguistic variable (RESEARCH QUESTIONS?)
2.2.2 Definition of the variable context
2.2.3 Exceptional distributions
3. Situating the linguistic variable
3.1 Previous Analyses
3.2 Synchronic and/or diachronic perspective
3.3 Discussion and critical commentary of previous research
3.4 Formulation of hypotheses
4. Coding and Analysis
4.1 Describe and justify the coding schema
4.2 Provide coding instructions and coding sheets in Appendices
5. Results
5.1 An overall distribution of the linguistic feature
5.2 A factor by factor distributional analysis
5.3 Summarize your findings
6. Discussion
6.1 Interpret your findings and explain them
6.2 What do your findings demonstrate?
6.3 What are the implications?
6.4 Make projections for further research
7. Conclusions
Reflect on the evolution and development of your working hypothesis, your awareness of the linguistic feature, your perception of linguistic variation in general, including observations and discoveries over the past semester. Provide a critical overview of your research project.
8. References