Diagnostic Formulation

The purpose of this assignment is to allow the opportunity to think critically about a case study and present conclusions utilizing the language of the DSM-5. Your diagnostic formulation must address the following:

Describe the presenting symptoms in the case study through a systems analysis lens? (2 pts)
What clinical impressions have you formed based on the case study?, (i.e. what is your hypothesis? what do you think is going on?) Consider the impacts of attachment history, neurobiological influences of trauma (past, current, historical), substance use, genetic vulnerabilities, and relevant identity factors. (5 pts)
What cultural factors/identities may be significant that impact both the clients perception of their symptoms and your impression of their symptoms? (, i.e. cultural formulations; consider the ADDRESSING Model in your response as well as the Cultural Formulation Interview handout and discussion?) (2 pts)
What are the clinical syndromes you considered in your decision making? (i.e. what differential diagnoses did you consider and may perhaps still need to rule out?) (2 pts)
What are your final diagnostic impressions and rationale (refer to page 56 of Corcoran and Walsh text)? Note: Include both the ICD-10 and T and Z codes and narrative labels. Include provisional and rule out diagnoses as appropriate. (2 pts)