Developmen-2 indicators on human welfare

Political economy of development – Essay question: The HDI is not a more useful measure of human welfare than income per capita.\’ Discuss. — this discussion essay has a wide scope and flexibility is granted to the writer given the shorter deadline. — attached sources and ideas below can be used at your discretion Though superfluous, as a quick outline. The writer given freedom to agree or disagree with essay statement though the essay should consist of arguments outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each Human development index (HDI) and Income per capita to each other and how they relate to the measure of human welfare. Furthermore discussion can and also touch on the limitations of the sole use of one indicator over another and/or the use of indicators alone. e.g stating that some countries have shown lack of social or human development despite GDP growth. other ideas could include the measures of inequality not being taken into account & Data issues such as the quality raw data, source reliability being a problem within both indicators.