Describe your short and long term career plans. How does the PGP fit in with those

Write the essay to portray my goals and how the PGP program at ISB is making me take a step forward towards my goal.
Essay should be of 300 words.
I am a re-applicant and have written my previous essay saying that I am looking forward to settle down as a product manager for a large suite of products.
The feedback I got after my rejection was that \”my essays did not portray clear long term career goals\”.
I would like the writer to go through my previous essay and I do not want to deviate from the basic idea.
I want the writer to write a convincing/appealing unique story such that the idea of being a product manager still exists, because I do not want to deviate all together from what I have previously written in my essay.
I want to stick to product management, but somehow I want the writer to convince the reader that I would like to venture into Entrepreneurship in long run.

Please find the attached documents.
One of which contains my previous essay and the other contains basic background information of the profile.

Expecting a very high quality essay.