Decision making in paramedic practice

Assignment brief July 2017 3,000 words (10% +/-) A critical evaluation of the leadership of change to a current situation within your paramedic practice. This area of change must be rooted within a contemporary evidence-base and you must explore and justify your rationale for: The change required The evidence relating to this area The decision making process The leadership skills, styles and theories relevant to the change you wish to see The process of change management This assessment will focus on a practice or potential practice situation that has inspired the student that a change is necessary. The student will explore an area of change to paramedic practice that is fully supported by a contemporary and reliable evidence-base. The student will focus on how they will lead this change to practice, the leadership styles and theories and the influence of legal and ethical frameworks. The student will need to evidence their knowledge of themselves as a leader and the decision process they will undertake to promote a change to current paramedic practice. The assignment must cover all four learning outcomes below. Please adhere to the parameters for professional and safe practice and maintain confidentiality, anonymity and respect for the rights of individual (patients, colleagues and employer) throughout. Breaches in confidentiality will be awarded a refer grade. Use the Harvard referencing system throughout. Use the third person academic writing style. Do not use the word author, writer etc. Submission Date: University Week 55, date will be 11th September 2017 Must be submitted electronically via WOLF Details on submitting through WOLF are available on the WOLF site Feedback will be provided electronically through WOLF. Your Assignment should include the following: Title You should give your work a title, it should not be the title of the module. The title must reflect the content of the review. Contents Page This should be a list of the contents with the appropriate page numbers. Introduction State why you have chosen your topic and its relevance to your area of professional practice. Identify the key issues in your introduction and give a brief overview. A brief overview of the leadership and decision making theories. Main Body of Your Work This section should include: Give a summary of your findings from the literature, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the literature and why it is relevant to your area of change. Justification of Changes required in Practice (if appropriate) Identify what changes could be made in your area of professional practice to improve care in relation to your chosen topic. Give a brief overview of how these changes could be made, to include if appropriate: Organisation Line manager Colleagues Patients Carers Show the decision making process and leadership theories that would be used to affect the change. Detail how YOU as a paramedic would manage the change. Conclusion Summarise all the main issues in your work Do not include new information. Recommendations for taking this Change forward in Practice References Please use the Harvard referencing system. Appendices Appendices may be used however please do not include photocopies of articles etc – copyright Learning Outcomes 1. Critically analyse the concepts of decision making in association with the relevant legal, ethical and professional frameworks that underpin paramedic practice. 2. Critically explore the principles of professional autonomy and accountability, alongside the culture of evidence based practice in paramedic practice 3. Investigate and apply the knowledge and expertise required to support the development of clinical leadership within paramedic professional practice 4. Critically explore the application of conflict management strategies in paramedic practice.