CRITICAL REVIEW. Choose from ONE of these: Bipolar or Dissociative Disorder or Schizophrenia

Outline the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for the disorder you choose.
Introduce the reader to the psychological factor(s) in onset and course you are investigating. Why is it important that these factors in the onset and course of the disorder are investigated?
Critically review the research into this/these factor(s) for your chosen disorder. What are the findings how do they contribute to our understanding of the onset and course of the disorder in patient populations? Can we draw strong, moderate or only provisional conclusions from the existing literature? Is the literature consistent, or ambiguous?
Identify limitations of past research and recommendations for future research. What is the quantity and quality of the existing literature? What are the limitations of the methods most commonly used to investigate the psychological factors in onset and course of the disorder in this patient population? What recommendations do you have for future research?