Competitiveness and Attracting Investment

the Dissertation question in mind is (How Laws from Around the World Support Competitiveness and Attracting Foreign Investments.) I want to explore many interesting countries\’ laws to see how the law helped or is helping these countries in improvements of their Competitiveness and their Foreign Investments to the benefit of their economy and growth. Saudi Arabia for example, has recently renewed some of the law to support competitiveness attracting foreign investment in line with the 2030 vision. In addition, are there rules on foreign investment in Saudi Arabia, the USA, the UK, China, Japan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and if there was any other country you\’d like to add, special sectors or other relevant approvals. how was it? how is it now? I may need more questions to be addressed and\\ or maybe enhance the language of the question I have and make a topic. The Dissertation Proposal Should contain; 1. Introduction and Summary of significance (A quick recap of the topic. Highlight the focus of the paper and the research question.) 2. Clearly state the research questions to be addressed; 3. Aims and objectives (The hypothesis/what is planned to prove) 4. Demonstrate the originality of the research project, taking into account existing work and scholarly directions; Literature Review (Which works are used to construct the research? Discuss literature that relates to the topic and was covered by other people in the field.) 5. Indicate the building blocks or units of consideration that I expect to create as organizational and structural controls in the development of the dissertation, and the methodologies that I expect to employ. (How to plan to obtain data and how the analysis will be conducted. This section should reveal the resources needed, and the amount of time dedicated to the project.) 6. Indicate the importance of the project within my larger field of study: Relationship to previous work 7. The Most Important Courses I took in the L.L.M Program are: – Commercial Transaction – International Business Transaction – Corporate Financing Transaction 8. Potential Contribution of this Research 9. Acknowledge whatever problems or difficulties I foresee in formulating and completing the project. 10. Outline Plan and Research Method 11. Proposed Timetable (the amount of time dedicated to the project.) 12 Thesis Structure ( Section , Approximate Words, and time to write months ) 13. Ability to Undertake the Research 14. Executive Summary of no more than 2 paragraphs summarizing the proposed research. 15. References and Bibliography. Thank you