Childish Gambino

Shukhov ties a rag around his face since they\’ll be marching straight into the wind in a moment. Buynovsky explains some things about the weather, and we learn he\’s sort of the know-it-all of the gang. The escort guards have guns and dogs with them. One guard yells out the rules of marching to the zeks: no talking, no touching, etc. They all set off across the snowy, frozen plain. Usually the zeks talk anyway, but it\’s too cold to chat today. While marching, Shukhov\’s thoughts wander. He thinks about the letter he\’ll write home soon. He\’s allowed to write two letters per year. We learn that it is now 1951, and Shukhov hasn\’t been home since 1941, and he\’s been in prison since 1943. He fought in Wor