Case Study on Prejudice

The following is a famous study conducted in 1934 on prejudice. It is called the LaPierre study. View the link below and then answer the questions that follow. You may use chapter 14 in our text for help. You should click on the assignment link: Assignment 15.1: Case Study on Prejudice Journal in order to access the journal.

LaPierre Study:

What does the study reveal about attitudes versus actions? If a person admits a prejudicial attitude but does not act on it, is this still a problem? Why or why not? (4)
The article alludes to the fact that the opposite problem may be true today, (people who say they are not prejudice but behave in a prejudicial manner). Discuss this idea and provide any examples of this that you see in society. (3 points)
Discuss some of the shortcomings with the methodology LaPierre used for the study. What are some criticisms of how he conducted the study that may contain bias? (3 points)