Case Presentation

There will be no extensions granted for this paper. 5 to 8 pages max, APA style, double-spaced, 1 margins, 12-pt font. Clarity and brevity are highly valued. Note: Credit will be given only for required content covered within the page limit.
Use your \”Client Write-Up\” from the Role Play Assignment to complete this paper. Note: You will summarize some of the information from your \”write-up\” for this assignment. DO NOT cut and paste large sections of the Client Write-Up.
Use the headings below to identify particular areas of information. If you do not have information in any of the areas noted below, simply state this. You will not be penalized if you dont have the information, only if you omitted it altogether with no explanation of why it is missing.
Presenting Problem (5 points):

Write 1 to 2 paragraphs succinctly stating your clients presenting problem based on the Client Write-Up you completed for your in-class role play.
Please include one of the following visuals: genogram, eco-map, or critical life events/timeline.
Your Clinical Impressions (10 points):

Systems Analysis. Please make use of a Systems Analysis to identify significant strengths and challenges for your client across each of the 7 domains (physiological, psychological, dyadic, family, group, societal, existential/worldview). In doing so, and if possible, please address any evidence of past trauma, possible neurobiological changes as a result of trauma, relationship quality (i.e. attachment) and substance use issues.
Also consider the influence of your clients intersectional identities and how they may impact symptom presentation, their understanding and acceptance of the diagnosis and the likelihood of treatment.
Based on your Systems Analysis discuss how you make sense of your clients problem, how it came to be, and what circumstances have maintained it. This section is key. What is your clinical hypothesis about why the client may be experiencing their current psychological unrest? Use citations to support your hypothesis.
Diagnostic Summary (5 points):

Provide your DSM diagnosis, including name and diagnostic code/s (ICD-10 and T and Z), from the \”client\” you used in the Role Play assignment and explain your rationale, i.e., differential diagnosis process for choosing this/these diagnosis(es). Remember that any significant clinical disorders are included here, including personality disorders, intellectual disabilities and medical diagnoses again, if relevant. If you used a particular scale or inventory, report this in your rationale for diagnosis.
Reflections on class, learning, assessment and diagnosis process (3 points):

Finally, reflect on what you have learned in this class and share your critical observations and feelings regarding the assessment, diagnostic process, and the DSM-5 overall. (You will not be graded on your personal view of the class, but rather the depth of your reflection). If opting to present in class, you may submit your reflection (1 page) via Canvas if youd prefer. Alternatively, you may share them at the end of your presentation.
References other than DSM (2 points):

At least 4 references with appropriate citations