An anthropological view of inner city living culture

The assignment consist of two separate questions:

1) In his book In Search of Respect Phillippe Bourgois examines the life of Puerto Rican immigrants living in East Harlem. Outline the history that brought these people to El Barrio, and discuss why their lack of cultural capital and structural racism makes it difficult to melt into the wider social milieu of American society.
Reference: Philippe Borgois. \”In Search of Respect\”. (New York: Cambridge University Press).

2) In his book The Broken Fountain Belmonte looks at social life in inner city Naples. Here he finds a social group which is centered on a number of opposing relationships.
Reference: Thomas Belmonte. \”The Broken Fountain\”. (New York: Columbia University, 1989).

– Each answer should consist of around 1200 words for a total of around 2400 for the assignment.
– 12 point, Times New Roman font.
– Double Spaced with 1\’ margins.
– Each answer should reflect the information found in each of the questions respective novels and any outside information needs to be cited in APA format.
– If you have any questions you can contact me via email at or via text/call at 1-(709)-697-6860
-Deadline is on Aug 10